Bienville Parish Schools 

Parent’s Command Center


Parents and guardians of students in Bienville Parish are now able to access their student’s grades over the Internet.    Through the use of the “Parents Command Center,” which is a part of our data management system, a parent or guardian will be able to access their student’s grades in the form of a detailed progress report at any time from any computer that has access to the Internet.   The “Parents Command Center” maybe accessed on a computer at your local library.  You will only be able to access your student’s information.

Parents/Guardians should go to the following web address to create a login and password for the Parents’ Command Center: .  First time users should create a login and password by clicking on “Register a New User.”  The information on the login information must exactly match what is in the computer (data management system) at the student’s school.  The PSN field/blank on the registration page is the last five digits of the student’s social security number.


If for any reason you are using a computer in the school system, using Bienville Parish School System’s Internet system, you should access the Parent’s Command Center using the following web address: .


Each parent/guardian may have his/her own login and password.  After setting up your login and password you should be able to view your student’s school information, including progress reports.    For further information or if you have any questions or problems, please call the school your child attends.  The Parent Teacher Conference on September 29th would be a good time to ask for information and assistance at your student’s school.


The Bienville Parish School System looks forward to working with you to improve communication between the school and your family.

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