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Classroom by Securly

Classroom by Securly


Tracking assignments, keeping students focused on the lesson at hand, whitelisting and blacklisting individual classroom environments. These are some of the features you will find in Classroom by Securly.  Our school district now offers this service to all teachers in the parish.  In order to begin using Classroom by Securly you must have your classes loaded in Google Classroom.  If you need help with setting up your classes Click Here.


Classroom by SecurlyImport Over in a Single Click

Google Classroom student rosters are imported into Classroom by Securly in a single click. All of the information you need readily accessible and always within reach.


Your Classroom, Your RulesYour Classroom, Your Rules

With Classroom by Securly, teachers have the ability to blacklist/whitelist websites relevant to your class.  Soon you will have the ability to view a student’s desktop directly from your own computer.



How to import classes from Google Classroom to Classroom by Securly?  Ignore the first part about prerequisites.  Scroll down to the part about First-time users and start there.

Where can I get student activity reports in Classroom by Securly?

Can I change modes during a live session?

How to create a Permission Set and assign it to a class?

How to delete a Permission Set?


Information taken from Securly's web site.  For additional support information from Securly please Click Here.